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miami supplier

updated sun 5 may 02


Martin Rice on sat 4 may 02


Looks as though I might go to Miami on a shopping trip -- the first time
that I'll be in the US in almost 2 years and am looking forward to it.

Question is: can any of you folks out there recommend one or more ceramic
supply stores in Miami?

After going in one of these places (never been in a ceramic supply store
anywhere), hope I don't wind up the way Robin Williams did in the movie
Moscow on the Hudson the first time he went into a US supermarket and, in
the coffee aisle, with hundreds of choices, just lost it and had a
breakdown. There a danger of that happening to me also when I walk into a
Home Depot for the first time in two years :-)

Best regards,
Lagunas de Barú, Costa Rica
Revised and updated 4/1/02