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long live the dinosaurs and hand made handles

updated tue 7 may 02


claybair on sun 5 may 02

The few times I've used manufactured cane handles I felt
like I was cheating. I stained them to make them look
more personal but now do not use them frequently.
I have 4 of them gathering dust and cannot say I'll ever use one on
a pot again.
My most recent teapot has a driftwood and wire handle.
I love the challenge of making a handle that really fits the pot.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

Sour Cherry Pottery

> -ps - I disagree with TC about handmade cane handles on Craig's teapots.
> That is, if he was suggesting handles that he shows on their
> website/magazine articles, which are on shino/wood fired teapots. Perfect
> for those. I would suggest another handle for Craig's teapots. Canecraft
> makes a beautiful bent maple handle with brass loops and fittings.

Our handmade handles are not just for shino and woodfire. I am suggesting
handmade handles for handmade pots. Canecraft handles are generic. they
can be seen at every craft show, craft store, pottery supply house and every
potters shop in the country. If you want to make handmade pots make
handmade handles. If you make sexy pots like Craigs by all means go the
extra mile and make your own handles. Yes, you can even cut copper tubing
and put it on cane handles.I have made handles from cane and cut plumbers
copper tubing fo rings. It is about process. If you care! Most potters
Long live the dinosaurs.

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