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dan finch workshop this weekend

updated sat 11 may 02


Dupre Mr Marcy M on fri 10 may 02

Got my small suitcase packed with all the essentials--jeans, sox, t-shirts,
and sneakers. Got camera, film, new batteries, and flash. Got a map and
directions. All I am waiting for is my "day job" to be done.

Then there will be a gray streak heading south on I-95 toward Bailey, North
Carolina for the workshop tomorrow and Sunday. Paul Soldner, Rudy Autio,
Kathy Koop, Don Reitz, John Balistreri, all in one spot! Hope Pete Voulkos
is watching...

Hope also to see a bunch of Mud Buds there. This will be the first workshop
I've attended in more than thirty years. I have a lot of catching up to

So looking forward to this trip,

Tig Dupre
Willow Rose Studio
Springfield, VA