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cats original message re: sanford show

updated thu 9 may 02


Marie Tedesco-Folderman on wed 8 may 02

Good afternoon,

My name is Marie and I have recently received a cert. form MCC here in
NC. in pottery.  I did not go to school for pottery until I was almost
51 years, but I was determined... I have been making pots that I can
really see the difference in workmanship.  I kept  the first
cylinder that I made...glazed it and keep it as my "humbling pot".  We
all have to start somewhere.

Anyway, I read Cat's message on Sanford show and was very pleased to here
her feedback. 

Told a few of my friends and they wanted to read it...unfortunatley, I
had already deleted it and could not retrieve it.  Soooo...please post
the message again .  Thank you

Rock on
and keep the faith!

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