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updated sat 4 may 02


Don Goodrich on thu 2 may 02

Hi all,
In the never-ending quest for clay-related reading matter, I'd like to
make a recommendation for the science fiction readers among us.

I just finished reading David Brin's new book, Kiln People. It starts
the premise that the making of clay golems* is an established fact in a
future American society, and that everyone can have a few to do their menial
tasks. This premise allows the reader to follow the main character in
situations simultaneously. It's also a detective novel with a suitably
plot. I had fun keeping track of the parallel storylines, as the protagonist
and his clay duplicates unravel an intricate puzzle. The author evidently
fun writing it too, as evidenced by numerous ceramic puns. At the same time,
the story invites serious consideration of the nature of the soul and the
value of work.

It's been noted on this list a few times how rare clay fiction is. If
you're in need of a good read with fresh ideas, I recommend this one.

*if you need to know what a golem is, try here:

Don Goodrich