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bargain books

updated fri 10 may 02


Marks on thu 9 may 02

This past weekend, I found a pile of "The Practical Potter, a step-by-step
handbook" by Josie Warshaw in the bargain book section of Borders Books, for
$5.99. 256 pages, with about 6 photos on most pages. ( copyright 1999, 2001,
and updated 2002) It might be worth a look, if you are near a Borders.
Borders and Barnes & Noble both had "The Encyclopedia of Pottery Techniques"
by Peter Cosentino, in their pottery sections, for $14.95. This book has 93
heavily illustrated pages of techniques, and another 100 pages of Themes
(Natural & organic forms, Functional and Domestic Pottery, Surface
Treatment, Sculptural & Abstract forms, The Figure, Open forms,
and more) (copyright 1990, 2002)

Ellen Marks
Perrysburg, Ohio