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april ceramics monthly 2002 (was may cm/craig martell)

updated mon 6 may 02


Janet Kaiser on sat 4 may 02

>> Surprisingly, my CM made it across the border to my mail box by
May 2nd. This was great, so that I did not have to read the raves and
not see the article for weeks.<<

Lucky you!! I received LAST month's CM just today, so excuse me
referring to Old News, but, I am really surprised no one (as far as I
recall) mentioned the great pots in the article "Indian Market" by
Merrily Glosband. "Illusive Wind" by Autumn Borts on page 64, must be
one of the most beautiful pots I have seen in print for quite a while.
Only five inches high, that is some pretty amazing carving and
burnishing... Such meticulous work. Quite extraordinary.

My second favourite piece was "Shard Wall" by Kevin Niernman,
Berkeley, California (page 48). One use for accommodating pots made by
Raku fiends, seeing production always far outstrips demand. Judging
from the photo, the limited colour and tones of the pots made it into
a peaceful work, whereas it could have been rather too fussy for my
taste under other circumstances.

The work I personally liked least was Doug Herren's and the article by
Kukuli Verlarde was arrant nonsense in part. "Monumentally massive"
(at 26 to 40 inches?) "it possesses a quality not often seen in the
context of contemporary art: it is silent". Come on! It is extremely
busy work, which needs to mature a lot once Mr. Herren has mastered
forms and techniques. If Verlarde meant "silent" as in "does not say
much", well I agree. Too much shouting and screaming to be heard.

All my own personal opinion for what it is worth. Two pence?

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art / Capel Celfyddyd
Home of The International Potters' Path
8 Marine Crescent : Criccieth : GB-Wales

Marta Matray Gloviczki on sun 5 may 02

Janet Kaiser < wrote:

>My second favourite piece was "Shard Wall" by Kevin Niernman,
>Berkeley, California (page 48).

i asked on clayart how to build a shard wall, just few hours before your
post. so when i read your choices from last month`s cm i couldnt believe it!
that issue is on my desk, next to my computer.
thank you for pointing at it. i dont remember seeing that picture before,
but you know how it is, i probably was too busy reading kevin caufield`s
story written by mel...
few years ago i took my first raku and low fire salt classes from kevin.
so, now thanks to you, i even have a picture how to build a wall from pots!
cheers to you,