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vince's kiln

updated thu 25 apr 02


mel jacobson on wed 24 apr 02

i have fired that kiln.
works like a charm.
nice kiln.

also used a clay-body that vince uses...mackenzie body
with ochre and sand.

that clay-body, with that kiln, shino..gave
me several of the best pots i have ever made.

just, like them. they have a magic that comes
some times...they just feel right.

like all great programs for college students.
throwing, building, sculpture, glaze, clay, firing.
get to do it all.
then comes knowledge, excitement for the craft and a
need to know more.
variety, exploration.
as i travel, my bias is changing fast.
that is what i call the new direction.
it is exciting.
i have said for years...folks graduate to hand building.
it is the highest form of clay construction.
throwing is easy. you have the machine to guide and control you.

just clay in the that is hard to do, and it takes
a special person.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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