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updated thu 2 may 02


Cheryl Shoemaker on wed 1 may 02

Pottery - stainless steel needle tool

If anyone has been disappointed that the stainless steel needle tools
from SchatziBoyz Pottery are (were) no longer to be found...


They will be available direct from SchatziBoyz soon, cost will be $12
each. Don't know if they'll ship outside US. Payment method is check
(and probably money order). I assume shipping will cost a bit extra.
They're having 100 made. I'm taking 10.

Contact info.:
PottersPro (stainless steel needle tool)
attn: Caryn
SchatziBoyz Pottery

.. the non-nutshell ...

My obstinate search for them turned up _one_ available from a supplier in
TX a few weeks ago. All three suppliers I knew of were out of stock
except for the aforementioned. I also found some clayart messages about
them so I thought some of you would be interested..actually that's how I
found the place in TX.. thanks to whoever mentioned that earlier.
Tracked down SchatziBoyz, as I understand it, the sales of the stainless
steel needle tools weren't exactly steady enough to predictably keep them
consistently stocked. I assume it's because we potters are generally a
frugal lot and paying 12 bucks for a needle tool initially seems
extravagant. I work exclusively with porcelain (no grog to keep my
needle tools oxide free). Bought one purely as a present to myself on a
buying frenzy @ a supplier after a show several years ago... found the
weight and fit of it to be exquisite... and it's downright pleasant not
to have to deal with a needle tool that is constantly accumulating oxide
buildup while working with porcelain. Gotten very used to being able to
throw all the way to final wall thickness @ rim and quickly excising any
minor excess with near surgical precision with these stainless steel
tools. Had to use some regular needle tools lately.. had forgotten how
much extra drag that oxide buildup caused... felt like I may as well be
cutting with a rusty nail... I was down to my last and not happy about
it when I couldn't find replacements. They do last what seems like
forever... if I'd quit throwing them into the tabletop like a dart after
I cut a slab, I'll most likely never break another. SchatziBoyz was
thinking of getting another batch made next year... but they were in a
kindly frame of mind so ordered a batch of 100 that will come in sometime
soon. Yippee!!! There were originally two versions of the PottersPro
needles, a heavier one that apparently most people used for slabs and a
thinner one that most used for wheel work. The thinner one is what
they're re-ordering and what I've been using for the past several years
(the others will no longer be available). So... there are 100 of the
thinner ones coming in sometime soon, I've got the first 10 so that
leaves some available. If interested, contact SchatziBoyz direct. I'm
not affiliated in any way with these people, nor do I get any
discounts/freebies etc. Just wanted to let interested folks know they
would be available soon.

Cheryl Shoemaker
Wadmalaw Works, SC

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