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stainless steel potterspro tool - potters pro tool -

updated thu 2 may 02


Earl Brunner on wed 1 may 02

Pottery - stainless steel needle tool

A nice alternative is to find some professional quality darts, brass
handles, and stainless needle points. The really nice ones have plastic
fletching that removes easily.

Earl Brunner

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SchatziBoyz Pottery - stainless steel needle tool

If anyone has been disappointed that the stainless steel needle tools
from SchatziBoyz Pottery are (were) no longer to be found...


They will be available direct from SchatziBoyz soon, cost will be $12
each. Don't know if they'll ship outside US. Payment method is check
(and probably money order). I assume shipping will cost a bit extra.
They're having 100 made. I'm taking 10.

Contact info.:
PottersPro (stainless steel needle tool)
attn: Caryn
SchatziBoyz Pottery