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question for gurus: must i use electrical kilnsitter for gas kiln?

updated tue 30 apr 02


Julie Milazzo on mon 29 apr 02

Hey gurus, or anyone else who has bought a gas kiln
with an electrical kilnsitter. Is it possible to use
the kiln, even if it isn't hooked up to electricity? I
have an Olympic downdraft, and it came equipped
(though this was not an option I asked for) with a
kilnsitter. There is an electric solenoid valve, which
plugs into the kiln sitter, and then the kiln sitter
plugs into an outlet. Is the kiln operational without
plugging this stuff in? I realize that it is a safety
device, but there will never be a time when I'm not
monitoring the kiln. I can't afford any more
electricians, and I never wanted this thing.
Sooooo.... does it need to be dismantled or detached
(the solenoid valve), or can I pretend it isn't there?
Thank you, all you electrically and... uhhhh...
gasseously adept people! Jules

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