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pricing guns

updated tue 30 apr 02


Brad Sondahl on sun 28 apr 02

I didn't expect to start a controversy. Of course how one prices is a
matter of taste. If my handwriting weren't terrible, I probably wouldn't
mind writing out each one. For production potters pricing guns make
sense, if they are also retailing in quantity. I make several hundred
pots a week, and don't desire to spend the time to artistically price
each one. I do have prices posted on various shelves, but the pots
migrate as lookers look. A readable price tag is a selling point. I
this is part of several steps towards a more professional presentation,
after 25 years as a potter. I'm building a new display, and am joining
the Potter's Council so as to use their system for credit card purchases
(still wondering how long it will be before the couple hundred bucks for
the processor can be economically justified.) No one shopping at my
shop would in their wildest dreams imagine either mass manufacture or

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