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need info on ceramic sculpture

updated mon 22 apr 02


Jeff Tsai on sun 21 apr 02


THe smallest size they could have success with would probably be an inch or
so. Beyond that, details might be hard to achieve and work out. But if you
want to know how big he or she can make it, I don't see why size would

Really, it depends upon the student. If the student is a patient person who
doesn't mind working slowly and building slowly and taking care with
attaching things carefully and drying slowly, I don't see why the student
couldn't make a sculpture just slightly smaller than the kiln it would be
fired in.

If the student is your average, small attention span kid, have them work in
the 12-18 inch range. It's not too small, but it's manageable for anyone
even a small amount of patience in their work. You'll have to explain that
the student shouldn't expect to have the piece done in a class session, in a
day or even in a week, but that it could take a couple weeks to slowly
all the parts and slowly hand-build the work. In the end, size depends upon
what stage the student is at in their abilities and patience.