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muscle cars, art and leiderhosen

updated tue 30 apr 02


clennell on mon 29 apr 02

Sour Cherry Pottery

> Tony,
> Ya never listen to me.....A week or so ago I told everyone if they sent
> stuff to artimator Galleries they would be told if it was up to
> course YOUR stuff would come from my usual price (the value of
> pot) would have to go You would have to send money with the pot
> it?....TC, you could have a little piece of
> mindHEHEHE....HOHOHO....Aye! get drunk and throw up on his
> would...and I have....I always throw up when I see liederwhatizits....Like
> Pavlov's dog....You betcha,
> \_/ cheers,
> PAX,
> Rush

Dear Art: I was going to send a pot to your crit service but then i read
you drive a Monte Carlo with mag wheels and I unpacked the box. My pots are
destined for the Jag, Bentley, Rolls crowd ya understand. Never have sold a
shino cup to a muscle car driver yet. Muscle car, Red Stripe and rock n
roll. come on man. Tis the opera crowd i'm after.
Throwing up is a good technique for buying things cheaper. Ask Junkyard
Dawg how much one of his cups sell for. then throw up in it and ask how
much it is. You'll probably get a very nice cup for free.
this technique also works on Monte Carlos and mag wheels. Never throw up on
Leiderhosen- the owner will want to give them to you.
What did you do to Pavlov's dog??? Can it be written on the list.