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mother-in-law/mevrouw terpstra

updated sat 20 apr 02


karen terpstra on fri 19 apr 02

Hi Mel,
Now I have to tell everyone that you actually PAID me to take that plate
off your hands. I would post it on a web page for all to see....but, it
is so ugly I do not want my name associated any where near that plate.

My son voted somewhere the other day for a new color for M&M's candy. I
made him vote "pink" so I would have something that would look half way
decent on that plate.

Now the problem is that I have to hide it when guests come. The
beginning students, the neighbors, my mom....all love that dammed
thing. Everybody wants one.

So, instead of anymore hiding....I give in.....Roger Korn, if you nail
that glaze, come on over and do a workshop for us. We will title it:
the "Mother in Law Blue Plate n Platter Workshop". 100 neighbors will
enroll, fergy will come---he will want to wood fire it, Arti will give
a 3 hour slide lecture on it. Joyce will give the opening remarks on
"Ugly Pots". Jocelyn Mc Auley will post a syllabi on teaching a course
in "Blue Glazes for the Potter", Mel will be there sitting in my chair
(again) and taking all the credit.

I must go polish my wooden shoes and tend to the tulips.

Tot ziens,
Mevrouw Karen Vander Beek-Terpstra (Dutch and proud of it!)
La Crosse, WI

> From: mel jacobson
> Subject: mother in law/karen
> you folks have no idea what you are messin
> with when you do `mother in law blue`.
> the plate karen has stolen from my studio,
> and is holding hostage in her home, is the
> most ugly plate ever made in the history of the
> world. mother in law blue, with a big pink intestine
> meandering over the blue. it looks like a big
> pink sea slug. ick.
> her son will not even look at it.
> craig shuns it.
> karen eats off of it most nights, and gloats
> about how wonderful her pots are.
> she is a big dope.
> big dope from iowa and holland.
> she has wooden shoes.
> she steals from older persons.
> then she gloats over it on clayart.
> she is a bad woman.
> i am going to hire arti to send her
> long, long posts. make her read them.
> at least she is not from minnesota.
> mel
> suffering in minnesota......