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kilnshed (cheapo style)

updated mon 29 apr 02


F.Chapman Baudelot on sun 28 apr 02

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My kiln shed is very much the same as Lesley's except that I only had to=20
build two sides, one with the door, and was able to use two cement-covered=
patio walls for the other two sides. I have seven metal posts, two of which=
are actually part of an old iron bed frame, and the roof is corrugated=20
galvanized steel sheeting, screwed into the top frame. Various metal=20
angles were used to attache the roof frame to the upright posts. One 'wall'=
is also made from metal sheeting, painted with green metallic anti-rust=20
paint, but it is only a 'half wall', the top half being filled in with wire=
mesh, as is the front of the shed. The doors were 'found', originally=20
being metal frames fro supporting my brother's wooden garage doors. There=
is a pic on my website taken before I painted the metal green. The whole=20
frame sits on a row of cement blocks which are heavy and lightly cemented=20
to the cement and marble scrap patio floor. The whole construction is=20
strong enough to withstand the horrible winds we sometimes get here in the=
semi desert, but easy to remove if necessary (this place is rented). Of=20
course, were I living in a place where it rained more than once a year, I=20
would have made the walls without wire mesh and made sure the roof was more=
water-tight; not a hard thing to do. For the 'rainy season' I have a=20
plastic cover made from some old shower curtains and duct tape to more or=20
less the shape of the kiln and there is a drainage hole in the foundation=20
brickwork which means that the kiln shed will never have any water=20
accumulating on the floor. The roof is slightly sloped for the same=20
reason. Whole thing can't have cost more than $30 US, exclusive of my=20
labour of course!
Now, if only I could get that damn diesel kiln to work properly...........=
I have narrowed down the problem to an inadequate fuel tank and am hunting=
around for something more suitable. Maybe next week..........

Fran=E7oise in Spain

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