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kiln heating endurance

updated thu 25 apr 02


Martin Rice on wed 24 apr 02

My new kiln is supposed to reach 1200 C which would mean, I guess, that =
I could do ^6 firings, though the man who made it for me answered "m=E1s =
o menos" (more or less) while wagging his hand from side to side.

Now I see why he said that. I'm looking at a temperature equivalent =
chart for Orton pyrometric cones (centigrade) and the only ^6/1200 =
degree combo I could reach would be if I maintain a heating rate of only =
15 degrees C/hr for the last 100 degrees of firing. Then ^6 would be =
reached at 1185 degrees. (An Orton regular self-supporting ^6 would bend =
then.) All other, quicker rates for the last 100 degrees of firing will =
require going over 1200C. So I guess it's the heat work for those more =
than 6 hours for the last 100 degrees that would allow one to make ^6 at =
1185. (Just think, 2 months ago I had never even heard of heat work -- =

The electric costs would be tremendous here -- my meter would spin so =
fast it would look as though it were standing still. But, if I decided =
that I'd bite the bullet and pay ICE (Instituto Costaricence de =
Electricidad) it's pound of flesh, my question is, would working this =
kiln at max like this wear it out quickly? I think I've heard that. =
Replacing parts here would be a slow, expensive proposition and I think =
I'd have to pass.

Any information would be appreciated.

Lagunas de Bar=FA, Costa Rica
Revised and updated 4/1/02