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hang tags, price stickers and price guns

updated thu 25 apr 02


Steve Dalton on wed 24 apr 02

I added my two cents worth for the request on price guns, now I want to add
more change to the pile. I've tried them all, hang tags, price stickers you
write on but the style that I like is from the price gun.

In my opinion, I want to run my business like the regular stores and I want
that look when I price my work. My wife tells me it looks like Kmart or
Wallmart, but you know I don't care. When I used the others, it would take
me maybe an hour to price everything for a show or just to put away. With
the price gun, it only takes about 10 minutes or less. I can easy change
the price on a piece and I've had less people trying to haggle on the price
with me. Another good reason is it's easier to read than something hand
written and the ink doesn't smear when wet from rain or fade.

I also want to add, other than saving time, but I'm saving money in the long
run. I can buy a roll of price tape with 500 little stickers for the same
price or less when compared to the price of only 100 hand written stickers.

I'm also going to throw this out to everyone as well, with hang tags, how
can you attach it to let's say a storage jar with no handles other than
using scotch tape? I've seen it done. To me, a little tacky. Another
thing, with the hand written stickers, I've seen them used to often at yard
sales or on ducky chicky crap.

If you have read this far and haven't made a voodoo doll of me and you can
get them to look good, more power to you. I prefer a price gun over
anything else I've tried. To me, it looks professional.
Steve Dalton
Clear Creek Pottery
Snohomish, Wa