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firing with 2 rings (addendum)

updated sun 21 apr 02


Anne K. Wellings on fri 19 apr 02

I forgot to say that I'd be plugging the 2 ring version of the kiln into
an existing range receptacle. The owner is planning to replace the 40 amp
breaker with a 50 this weekend, but doesn't want to put in a 60 amp at
this point, on the advice of his electrician over the phone. Perhaps
further investigation will show the wires to be capable of handling 60
amps (if they are well-insulated #6 copper), and if so, I hope the owner
can be convinced of this...

The kiln is rated to draw 47 amps, making the rating with 2 rings about
31.33 amps, so I figure it would be OK to plug it into the 50 amp circuit
or maybe even the original 40 amp circuit. Ultimately, I would want to
have a circuit that would accommodate all the rings, and would probably
want to hardwire it using one of the methods suggested by the list.

I was mainly concerned about the effect of downsizing the kiln on clay
and glazes, etc., due to possible faster heating and, especially,
cooling, and whether I would notice a big difference in firing it.