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firing with 2 rings

updated sun 21 apr 02


Anne K. Wellings on fri 19 apr 02

Thanks to everyone who's written with suggestions on hooking up my
electric kiln in a new location (hardwiring, size of wires, etc.).

While I'm deciding exactly what to do, it's occurred to me to take one
ring off the kiln and fire it with the remaining 2, since that would use
a lot fewer amps and there'd be less worry about overloading existing
circuits for the time being. Has anyone done this, and what is your
feedback on it? Would it heat up or cool down too fast? I guess it would
be just like using a smaller kiln.

It is a 2327 kiln with manual switches and I fire it to ^5-6. I don't use
glazes that need any special slow cooling. The bricks are 2 1/2" rather
than 3", but I've never felt it cooled too fast. There is a blank ring
which could figure into this scenario. I've been using the blank ring for
years without a lot of glaze trouble, but was considering eliminating it
in the new place.

I hope this will be a temporary situation, but would like to know if it
is worth doing at all.