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dividing bowls plates etc

updated tue 30 apr 02


Paul Gerhold on mon 29 apr 02

Two methods of dividing that I use are as follows.
1) For bowls and plates and similar I took a twenty five inch bat and put
on the wheel and made concentric circles about every inch with a majic
marker, Mark the center of the bat and then draw a diameter. Using a large
protractor available almost anywhere you can then draw radial lines to mark
divisions. For instance if you want to divide in sevenths you take 360
(degrees in a circle) and divide by seven giving 51.43.Draw radial lines
every 51.4 degrees with a majic marker effectively dividing the circles in
sevenths. Coat the bat with clear varnish and you effectively have an easy
way of dividing any bowl or flat object into seven sections. Center the
in the concentric circles, mark where the radial lines touch the piece and
you're done.
Take the time to do this once and you have an easy tool forever.

2) For tall vases use a sewing tape measure that is metric.