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crocker museum show

updated sat 27 apr 02


Charles Moore on fri 26 apr 02

Clayart Potters-all,

If you live in or near Northern California, you might be interested in =
the following.

I recently received a brochure announcing "Ceramic National 2000"--a =
ceramics show at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA. The show runs =
from April 13 till June 23, 2002.

I quote: "From exquisite Asian porcelain to twentieth-century ceramic =
sculpture, the Crocker Art Museum has amassed one of the top ceramic =
collections in the United States....A current view of the American =
ceramic scene, this exhibition features an extended genealogy of =
artists, which together comprise a fifty-year time-line of American =
ceramics history, providing a showcase for both prominent master =
ceramists and emerging artists."

I was a little surprised at the claim for such a fine collection, but =
the Crocker--like many museums--displays only a portion of its =
collection at any one time.

The Crocker is located at 216 O Street, Sacramento. The phone number is =

On May 4, at 7:00 p.m., will occur a "Film Night: Contemporary Ceramic =
and Clayworks." The film features a number well-known clay artists.