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clat art hand drummers and percussionists

updated wed 17 apr 02


Your Name on tue 16 apr 02

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 00:22:58 -0500
From: AKitchens
Subject: Clayart musicians

Do I have to email you each off line to get a commitment? I have found
a music rental company in San Diego that has everything you need. Lets
Rock and Roll!
Nan Kitchens

Hey nan,
If I can travel with my drum and percussion instruments, I'd love to
join in, if only for another opportunity to jam. One of the men in our
group is a glass blower and at the last glass conference, he met up with
a bunch of hand drummers and drummed all night, and did more drumming
over the weekend than anything else. I can't imagine not drumming even
though it is really hard on my hands.
Cheers Carol-Ann