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art and pots, no conflict! was: mel's rule potters list ??

updated sun 28 apr 02


Lee Love on sun 28 apr 02

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From: "terry sullivan"

> I was wondering just when the Clayart list became The Potters List.
> Seems to me that Al and Richard named it Clayart for a reason.

Went to the opening of the Shimaoka, MacKenzie, Sori Yanagi and David
exhibition at the new contemporary gallery in the Long Gatehouse, across the
street from the main Mingeikan building in Tokyo. Warren gave a lecture
slide show. There was Q&A and a panel discussion between MacKenzie,
and Sori Yanagai.

There was a heated discussion between MacKenzie and Yangi. Warren
defended non-functional Art as Mingei. Yangi said use was necessary.
was very intense, but interesting and not what folks who don't know
might expect.

At the below link, find some photos from the Gallery Shun and Mingeikan
Exhibitions. Sorry, for the Mingeikan exhibition, I didn't get photos of
the work I wanted to. It was crowded and I needed to cycle through to
others to have a look. I really wanted photos of the Leach pots but didn't
a chance to take them. It was a fund raising show to help pay for the
Mingeikan renovations.

Lee Love In Mashiko

"The best pots for me are the pots that I like." --Shoji Hamada (1894-1978)