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updated tue 23 apr 02


BVCuma on sun 21 apr 02

>>No armature!!! This is just a pain in the ass, and
interferes with learning how clay works. It also
interferes with changing your mind, and requires thinking
about shrinkage long before the idea may be finalized<<

Excellent suggestions regarding size
and beginner guidelines...
but a bit of a boo boo statement here.
The technique I outlined yesterday,
yes, advanced and experimental.
But talk about flexability.. you can change=20
and alter your idea at anytime...
If fact shrinkage is minimal
with paperclay and mosquito net cloth
dipped in slip and any cracks that do show
are very welcome as the syle is loose.
And you can work blowtorch dry add wet
dip it slap in on with brush
Reposition the whole thing again
and reinforce it scrape it.. torch it
burn it up again glaze it fire it dip it again.
This IS flexablility.
Non traditional... true
but you know what they say about hybrids...


Snail Scott on mon 22 apr 02

At 11:39 PM 4/21/02 +0520, you wrote:
>If fact shrinkage is minimal
>with paperclay and mosquito net cloth
>dipped in slip...

True - I've messed around with paperclay a bit,
and it does do some amazing things. But, I made
my recommendation on the assumption that the
student would be using the lowfire white shop
clay that was described, though. I got the
impression that it was one kid who wanted to
handbuild in a class oriented toward throwing,
and he'd have to use the same clay as everyone


BVCuma on tue 23 apr 02

>>I made
my recommendation on the assumption that the
student would be using the lowfire white shop
clay that was described<<

Hi Snail
Once again, excellent recommendations on size
and your suggestion with regards to
the armature in regular type clay circumstances...
it is cumbersome and distracts from
the basic task at hand, as you mention..
mostly understanding clay and its behavior.

I must add...
I never skip over your posts,
always bang on. ...thanx.


ps. I was just making sure no one missed my
plug on thin gauge wire armature...
Kind of like a gestural scribble drawing
then building up the musculature and=20
finishing with a dip for skin....oops sorry.

Actually I have some favorites I must photo
and make available for anyone who cares to see....
I really like them.