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kiln question -- what about the ceiling?

updated sat 13 apr 02


Martin Rice on fri 12 apr 02

This thread has dealt with the kiln on a wooden floor and the type of
protection that would be needed. I'm wondering about the roof. My kiln is on
an outside terrace (hasn't been fired yet). It's frame keep the bottom of
the kiln about 6" from the floor, but the floor is 1/2 ceramic flooring tile
laid on 8" on concrete. So I don't think there's any worry there.

The roof of the terrace, however, is wood. It's a very hard wood and is
about 5 feet above the top of the (top-loading) kiln. Also, there are
ceiling fans on the terrace that I would turn on and almost always a breeze.
Does this sound safe?

Lagunas de Barú, Costa Rica
Revised and updated 4/1/02