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dipping tongs / rusting tongs

updated sat 13 apr 02


Diane Winters on fri 12 apr 02

Bill wrote:
>Finally, my major gripe is that they rust which would be hard to prevent
since >they are dropped forged(I think). I have found that if I wash them
after every >glaze session and dry them the rust is less.

Hi Bill,

Just a brief suggestion about the rusting of your channel lock tongs. I've
used the liquid "Rust Reverser," available at hardware stores, on an old
rusted wire rack I wanted to store my plaster molds on and it worked quite
well. Granted, the rack doesn't get repeatedly wet (as the tongs would) but
I put molds on it that have become slightly damp with use and the rusting
simply has not progressed for the past 6 years.