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postmodern/armory show

updated fri 12 apr 02


cHuCk on thu 11 apr 02

<> from the honorable mel (for whom I hold the most respect)

> thank god for the director of the detroit museum.
> he finally put a stop to it... said it was crap. he would
> not show it.
> many museum folks and curators are fed up to their ears.

It is interesting to draw a parallel to the above statement and the initial
reaction to the work at the Armory Show around the turn-of-the-century.

Many viewers and museum directors labeled the work "crap" too.
It caused frustration and anguish to working artists also.

Duchamps painting "Nude Descending Staircase" was dubbed
"an explosion in a shingle factory" and many would like to have had
the work destroyed. His initial idea for the work came from the"new
technology" of multiple exposure photography.

The wonderful saxophone player Ornette Coleman was once
beaten up (more then once) after a show by those who felt
that it was called for since his music was so "wrong".
They even broke his plastic saxophone. (Of course they
probably sat through the whole show first.)

It seems pretty obvious that common sense lets us see the difference,
but great caution must be taken when making "blanket" statements about
what is art and isn't.

Although, someone must stand up at times and say.......
That IS Crap.....and mel seems to be right on the money.

Potter Wagoner (not Porter, although I have thought of throwing in a sequin