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: potters stools and stretching

updated fri 12 apr 02


Charles Moore on thu 11 apr 02

Craig and others on potters' stools,

While I think the "right stool" is worth looking at, I also think that
careful stretching is a help to avoid back pain.

I took a Yoga class a dozen or so years ago and found several stretches
prior to throwing (or other vigorous, extended exercise) to be helpful. My
favorite exercise involves lying on my back and pulling my knees up toward
my chin and then holding--first one leg, then the other, and then both.

Because I have a structurally bad back, I try to follow the advice to keep a
"girddle" of muscle around my middle to ease the strain on the back--cruches
and other such exercises help.

I spend perhaps 10-15 minutes on such exercises, depending on my time

If, while I am throwing, I find that I am feeling stiffness or pain, I stop
and do at least the "knee to the chin" stretch.

Clearly, Craig, I agree with you (below).

Charles Moore
Sacramento, CA
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From: "Craig Clark"
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Subject: Re: : Potters stools-- will any of them help that hunched over
> against the natural tendency to become more sedate as one ages.
> THe bottom line for me is that whenever I follow the stretching,
> walking, and minimal exercises of Tai Chi that I know the back stops
> reminding me that I'm abusing it. When I don't, the pain comes back.
> I'll also try the trick that has been suggested of shortening the
> legs on my stool.
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