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saggar firing / foil, etc & manure comment

updated thu 11 apr 02


Ditmar on wed 10 apr 02

Instead of looking for an expensive hi-temp foil, try another =
Stainless steel containers. Check your yellow pages for restaurant =
suppliers. There are lots of sizes available with matching covers. =
Round, square, rectangular've probably seen them on buffet lines =
etc. Some are for "steam tables", and other types are sized for cooking =
/ baking use.=20

They're pricier than the Wal-mart types, but that's because they're =
thicker for more abuse. Still not that expensive anyhow. They're =
reusable many times, where the foil would have a limited life.

( FYI Stainless steel foil isn't that cheap. 12 inch width 50 feet =
long about $70+
24 inch width $190+
Stainless steel foil bags 10 x 12 inches ...about $7+ each. =

Think outside the box ! Look to other places for materials and =
improvise. Be it for saggars or manure.=20

Speaking of manure. As Dannon mentioned, what you get isn't always =
"pure" manure.
Lot's of the stuff you buy has sewage sludge "compost" mixed in. I won't =
even use it in my yard !!! Shit just ain't shit anymore these days !