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pottery classics brought back info

updated thu 11 apr 02


Axner Co. on wed 10 apr 02

Dear CLAYART Members,

While we are sensitive to the non-commercial nature of Clayart, we have
some important information to share. Some of you are aware that Gentle
Breeze Publishing has started republishing significant pottery related
books, that had fallen into an out-of-print status. The series of books
are called 'A Pottery Classic Brought Back' and feature such classics as
the 1910 edition of C.F.Binns' THE POTTER'S CRAFT, A PRACTICAL GUIDE
ALTERNATIVE . As mentioned by Professor Val Cushing in the forward of the
Binns book, Charles Binns is the father of studio ceramics in America and
with this book the existence of the 'studio potter' began.

In addition to the books mentioned above, the following books are already
back in print:

The Book of Low Fire Ceramics by Harvey Brody
Ceramic Science for the Potter by Lawrence and West
Clays by Frank & Janet Hamer combined with Glazes by Fank Hamer
Electric Kiln Ceramics by Hal Riegger
Lustre Pottery by Alan Caiger Smith
May by May Davis
A Potter's Guide To Raw Glazing & Oil Firing by Dennis Parks
Pottery Decoration by Thomas Shafer
Primitive Pottery by Hal Riegger
Raku: Art & Technique by Hal Riegger
Tin Glaze Pottery by Alan Caiger Smith

And the following books will be re-issued soon:

Pottery Workshop by Charles Counts
Common Clay by Charles Counts
Fire Marks: A Workbook on Low-Temperature Smoke Firing by Cheryl

Many others are in the hopper.

You can get these classics through any Gentle Breeze Publishing
distributor including Axner. You can see the whole series at
"" or contact me for a distributor in your area.

Also, if you are an author of an important out-of-print pottery book and
would like to bring it back into circulation, please e-mail me at