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potters stools-- will any of them help that hunched over posture=

updated wed 10 apr 02


Steve Mills on tue 9 apr 02

In message , Jeff Seefeldt writes
>Turning 40 later this year,,,
>Noticed recently that the older I get, the longer it takes me to stand ba=
>up straight after throwing for a few hours.

Try moving it back so that you throw with a straight back if you get
what I mean. Also use a low backed chair rather than a stool; without a
back to your seat you are in the situation where body weight is being
applied to the clay, so your backside is trying to move away from the
wheel, and you are trying to stop it falling off the back of the stool.
Result: a screwed up back, and a bent posture. I've had a *Bum Stop* on
every wheel I've owned/used, which means when I've finished I stand up
straight despite being 65 and Arthritic!

Steve Mills