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ian currie workshop report

updated wed 10 apr 02


Dave Finkelnburg on tue 9 apr 02

Hi all,
I am just back from Ian Currie's workshop at the Red Kiln Clay Studio in
Salt Lake City. For those not familiar with Ian and his work, here are a
few of my observations.
If you spend 16-hours diligently studying Ian's two books, you can get
pretty much everything technical you get out of his workshop. The workshop,
though, is a lot easier way to learn, because when you get stumped, you can
ask Ian for help! And he is helpful.
I found Ian Currie to be a workshop presenter who arrives well-prepared,
works hard throughout the workshop, and goes far out of his way to make sure
that everyone present understands the fundamentals of his method of glaze
He has presented many workshops since first speaking at NCECA in Fort
Worth. For example, he's done 17 workshops in the last 12-months. With
this experience he has refined his presentation materials and the timing of
what he presents, to effectively communicate an organized, uncomplicated
method of testing glazes.
I particularly liked the final session--looking at the fired test tiles,
making observations about what was there, and then hearing Ian's
observations about what we were seeing. His knowledge accelerated greatly
what I was learning from the tiles.
Finally, Aaron Ashcraft, Richard Barker, Phyllis Purdy, Wendy, Susan and
other members of the studio did a wonderful job of hosting us visitors. The
workshop venue was excellent and well-organized in hosting Ian.
My only disappointment was that it was all over too soon!
Dave Finkelnburg in Idaho