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glaze test for berry rust, cone 6 ox. ron roy revision.

updated wed 10 apr 02


Alisa og Claus Clausen on tue 9 apr 02

Glaze test for: Berry Rust, cone 6 ox. Ron Roy Revision.

Source: Clayart, Ron Roy Revision
Credited to:

All tests fired on white, iron flecked, mid-range stoneware.
Fired to cone 6 (1220c) in oxidation.

Firing ramp: Skutt 1227
100c (212f) per hour to 600c (1112f)
150c (302f) per hour to 1100c (2012f)
80c per hour to 1220c (2228f)
15 minute soak.
cool down to 1020c
80c per hour down to 800c.
Shut off kiln. (approximately 14 hours)

18 Silica
31 OM#4 Ball Clay
8 Nepheline Syenite
9 Bone Ash
14.5 Talc
19.5 Frit 3134

8.5 Red Iron Oxide
All raw materials measured up or down to nearest whole decimal.
Oxides used on percent basis to a 100 gram batch of glaze.


Resulted in:
Rust red brown covering gloss glaze. The glaze is a lighter brown where
thickest and pools, and breaks a bright rust red. Tenmoku like with some
black speckling in the rust red ground. Smoothly melted.

Regards from Alisa in Denmark