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free firing in sc

updated thu 11 apr 02


Julie Milazzo on wed 10 apr 02

Just a quick update on the free cone ten reduction
firing at my place in Southern South Carolina. The
kiln is due to arrive approximately at the end of next
week. I figured that the firing should take place over
a weekend, so maybe glaze Friday night, load and start
firing Saturday, and pull stuff out Sunday? I don't
know whether or not it should be next weekend, or the
one after, so that I can have a week to ensure that
everything is actually set up and ready to go. Anyway,
that's where it's at. Probably we should plan on the
weekend of the twenty sixth. I can store pots that
come out if you can't stay the whole time. I have one
guest bed (single), and floor space for sleeping bags,
and an acre for camping, so bring whatever you think
you might need (oldest wins the bed). If you can't
make it Friday night, Saturday morning should be fine;
you can glaze while the kiln is being loaded. Anyway,
please let me know if you're interested (I got a few
responses before, but I'm not sure how the timing will
affect some of you), and if this is the first you've
heard of this, and want more info, please email me
personally. Thanks, looking forward to meeting some of
you! Jules

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