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clary illian's book

updated wed 10 apr 02


karen terpstra on tue 9 apr 02

Clary's book "A Potters Workbook" is a must read! I use it in our
intermediate throwing class. They read it cover to cover.

I was fortunate to have her as an instructor for one semester when one
of my profs was on a sabbatical in grad school. She gave the greatest
crits of anyone I have ever run across. I'm talking constructive
criticism crits, not all artspeak (although there was some of that
too). Pissed off some students but in my opinion they needed to hear
it. She is one of my heroes.

Marcia wrote:

> ....Thanks for the description. I have not read Clary's book. I want to read
> it now as
> you have described the influence it has given you. You described a
> wonderful
> feeling very well....
Happy firings,
Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI