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: potters stools-- will any of them help that hunched over posture?

updated thu 11 apr 02


iandol on wed 10 apr 02

Dear Klyf Brown=20

There was a time when some industrial wheels were made with a sloping =
perch so that the base of the spine was elevated but the throwers crutch =
was about level with the wheelhead. This caused a posture which hollowed =
the small of the back.

I'm uncertain that elevating the wheel and standing is the best =
solution. It may be effective if people are throwing small or shallow =
pots but if they are throwing anything tall then I can see shoulder =
strain becoming a new problem.I like the idea of using a stool which has =
long legs at the back and short ones at the front.

I agree with your about being proactive. Those who have problems with =
their spinal comfort ought to stretches, either passive or ballistic or =
muscle toning or weight training work prior to or after a bout at the =
wheel. I think that as people get older this is not just advisable, it =
is essential.

Best regards,

Ivor =20