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: firing 14" bottom diameter pots

updated thu 11 apr 02


iandol on wed 10 apr 02


What you say seems logical, except that, if your heat is radiant, or =
derived from hot gas, the shelf will be cooler than the gas which =
surrounds it. If the shelf is thicker than the pottery, which seems to =
be the usual case, it will heat up more slowly. If the pottery is in =
contact with the shelf the exterior and edge surfaces will get hot but =
the underside and enclosed surfaces will remain cooler. If the heat =
engine driving energy into your kiln were within the fabric of the =
shelf, that is, the interior temperature of the shelf was higher than =
the surface temperature, you would be correct, .

Cooling, the reverse will happen. the rims will cool quickly the shelf =
slowly so there will be a marked temperature differential between the =
two. As Ron says, a classic set up for a dunt if cooling air cannot =

On larger platters I always cut notches in the footring to ensure that =
there will be atmospheric circulation.