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pottery tool poll

updated sat 6 apr 02


Brad Sondahl on fri 5 apr 02

I'm thinking of researching which commercially produced hand tools
various types of potters actually use (when you go to suppliers you are
presented with a plethora of choices, most of which are purchased by
neophytes who don't have a clue what they need). If I get lots of
results, I may use them for an article, or probably share the results
Please answer the following questions (check your pottery supplier
catalog for model numbers, which hopefully are standard, or describe
whether tool is wood, ribbon, wire, etc):

Are you professional, hobby potter, or educator (or combination)?

Years of experience in pottery?

Handbuilding/sculpture or wheelthrown?

Principal handtools used (with company make and model numbers, if

Principal machine tools used (wheel, slabroller, extruder, pugmills,

General comments on your tool choices?

Please email your responses to
Note: I am not associated with any tool companies in any way.

I'll start, for demo purposes:
31 years experience

Tools, all Kemper:
Kemper PCN wood cut off needle
Dipping tongs
AL8 and AL12 aluminum calipers
WT20 8 inch trimafoot wood tool
8R4 ribbon tool
Large pearshaped ribbon tool
PL2 and PL3 aluminum potlifts

I do make some of these tools, but still like the originals for some

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