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updated sun 7 apr 02


Julie Milazzo on sat 6 apr 02

For anyone not sure about taxes, I found it a great
help to go to H&R Block. I had an hour long
appointment on Friday, and am going back on Monday
(she scheduled me for 12:30, and said she'd leave the
rest of her day open for me...), knowing that it will
cost a bit, but that she'll figure out ways to deduct
more. For instance, it cost me eight grand to have the
exterior of this place painted. I thought it had to be
depreciated over several years, but she said it could
be a straight deduction. She's also going to figure
out if I'd be better off depreciating some things that
could be deducted, because (surprise, surprise) my
income last year was pathetic, so I might be better
off trying to depreciate more so that I save more in
future years when (hopefully) my income won't be quite
so meager. It's worth it for the peace of mind, plus I
can buy a policy which says that if they screw up
anything, they have to pay any fees, or taxes that
they missed. This sounds really good, and I figure
that if it will take someone who does this for a
living over five hours, it would have taken me at
least eighty hours. Anyway, it's not too late. I got
my appointment the day after I called. If you haven't
lived in three states in one year, and bought a
property in which to live, retail, teach and produce,
you can probably get your taxes done for less than two
hundred bucks. I think mine will cost more that last
years income! Good luck! Any questions, you can email
me personally, and I'll use some of my time on Monday
getting some answers, although people on this list
have been more than helpful. Jules

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