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peter king workshop follow-up

updated fri 5 apr 02


Brenda Beeley on thu 4 apr 02

Peter King's workshop was outstanding. Along with Peter, Xinia and 20
workshop participants we created a 12 foot by 10 foot Ceremonial Arch --a
Tribute to Chief Seattle, including his burial canoe, Mount Ranier, the
moon, Agate Pass petroglyphs, a cedar tree, totem of bear becoming beaver
turning into raven, fishing spears, salmon, the four directions and eagle.

Peter King also demonstrated hand-building a sink, planter, platter, and
fireplace mantel. Xinia Marin designed the piece, demonstrated glaze
techniques and diligent and lovingly brought the piece to fruition. Alot
of people took digital photos and when I get organized we'll put them up
for everyone to see. The piece is fabulous.
Their workshops are amazing. Take one! Hopefully, he'll come back next
year. See his website:

In the meantime, two articles will be printed about Peter King's workshop
with photos. The Bremerton Sun, Tuesday April 9, Neighbors section.
The North Kitsap Herald either Saturday April 6 or Wednesday April 10.

Happy Spring,

Brenda Beeley
ClaySpace on Puger Sound
P.O. Box 1339
Suquamish, WA 98392-1339
(360) 598-3688