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medical insurance.

updated fri 5 apr 02


Cantello Studios on thu 4 apr 02

"Mel is right about national coverage insurance. The price is
ridiculously high."
I live in CA and sometimes you have to play the "game". We have a stated
funded program for kids called Healthy Families. We did not qualify the
first time for the program, as we did not earn enough money. That's right
not enough money per year. So, I got smart - played the game. They qualify
you on 3 months of income. Waited for the 3 months where we earned the
majority of our money and submitted that profit/loss statement again.
Voilia, we are in. I now pay $12.00 a month, no deductible, before $100.00
a month and $3000.00 deductible, 20/80 after that. Big difference. Saved
us 2 years ago. Son went in to have outpatient surgery, instead 3 surgeries
and 5 days in the hospital. Surgeon nicked an artery and was bleeding
internally. Cost over $35,000. Cost to me $5.00 for copay. Thank God for
health insurance. Husband is disabled veteran, uses the VA medical
services, long waits have to drive out of town for some services but it is
free. I use state funded women's programs. I guess my point is there are
programs out there, sometimes it takes paperwork or investigating the true
income you can make or long waits, or is not as convenient as going to your
own personal doctor. But, not to pay $300.00 a month for major medical
coverage for husband and self is worth it to me.

Tracy - the other half of Cantello Studios