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kiln convertion question forjames crooks

updated fri 5 apr 02


LOGAN OPLINGER on thu 4 apr 02

Hi James,

For your L&L kiln you do not give any specifications for the brick size (2 1/2" or 3"), the cone rating, or the condition of the metal shell. If the brick are the 3" thick type, then there will be little need to add extra insulation to the outside of the kiln since you want to fire primarily to cone 6. Even with just 2 1/2" brick the kiln will go to cone 6, but just take longer. If you want to add insulation to the kiln, and maintain the integrity of the shell and rings, I would build a base for the kiln that would incorporate a flue channel and ports for at least four gas burners. I do not know at this writting what the btu rating of the burners should be. The flue channel would lead to an external chimney built separate from the kiln. To add insulation, simply line the inside of the kiln with 1" refractory blanket @ 8 lb density pinned to the insulating fire brick. The lid would have the blanket placed on the outside on top. This method of construction, I think, wo!
uld conserve the greater amount of stacking space in the kiln. It is very likely that someone else has done something to a kiln similar to what you want to do, and can offer specifications and construction details.

Good luck,

Logan Oplinger

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