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book recommendation for describing clay tests?

updated sat 6 apr 02


David Hendley on thu 4 apr 02

I received the e-mail message below, asking for "a little help".
What book would you recommend the inquisitor read?

> I was just reading a post you made to ClayArt in September 2001 and you
> indicated you formulated and tested your claybodies for porosity and
> strength as well as clay/glaze fit, hardness, and durability. Would you
> share with me how you go about doing these tests?

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

Craig Martell on thu 4 apr 02

Hello David:

You might recommend these articles on claybody formulation. There are some
good tips and methods for glaze fit too.

Studio Potter, June 1981, "Fear of Silica" by Jim Robinson
Studio Potter, June 1988, Body Building for Potters, by Jim Robinson

Tests for porosity and vitrification are easy to find and are in several
books such as, Clay and Glazes for The Potter by Rhodes.

regards, Craig Martell in Oregon

Margaret Barlow on thu 4 apr 02

> What book would you recommend the inquisitor read?

How about Ron and John's book, Mastering ^6 Glazes. It has a whole chapter
describing how to test for everything from clay/glaze fit to testing for
suitability for use in a microwave! And it is very easy to read and
understand, and the tests apply to any cone!


Marjorie on fri 5 apr 02

Suggestion: " The Magic of Fire " available through
Alot of information on the web site about clay/glaze testing. MarjB