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tax question -- forms

updated thu 4 apr 02


Sharon Villines on wed 3 apr 02

Tax Forms are very hard to figure out in advance. The best way to figure out
which ones you need is to start filling your 1040 and follow directions. No
matter how hard you try to get all the forms, the IRS will change things
from one year to the next so you will probably always be missing something.

The good news is that these forms can all be downloaded from the IRS site
-- search Google for the IRS Digital Daily or IRS Forms. You have to search
by form numbers (at least you have in past years) so have your form numbers
ready from the directions. You can also download directions.

If you have business expenses but are not in business yet, you roll them
over to deduct against future business income. (I'm not qualified to tell
you how.)

Sharon Villines, Arts Coach
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