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local laws and health insurance

updated thu 4 apr 02


mel jacobson on wed 3 apr 02

no one picked up on this today.

health insurance is almost impossible to get
nationally, unless you have a ton of folks in a group.

most health insurance is state operated.
so, potters council is up a tree. the most we could
ever get in our group is a couple end.
and a national group would never fly. we are working on
other things...lots of them.

gas laws are very local.
what you can get away with one place is forbidden someplace

check, or be damn careful transporting gas tanks.
in our area, you have to have at least a 250 gallon tank
for the guy to deliver. and don't be afraid to ask about price.
they do negotiate.

we take our 100's to town. then take them to the zoo and beach.

we do have a nice little hose that will allow us to fill 25 lb tanks.
use a scale. bathroom type. safe and easy.

is there a law that would forbid us from duct taping tom
sawyer in his garbage can, that he is going to fire in his
electric kiln? i would volunteer.

would you suspect that joyce lee and i were born
the same month, the same year..almost the same day. december, 1934.
??? well it is true. she is really snail.
or...uuhhhh. helen, no....she is really vince. nam de plume.
melvin god, she is my lost twin sister that we gave
away to that carnival going to kentucky.

all i can tell you really, is, she is a great friend...and we think
of education the same way. tough, friendly, and get the
hell out of the way if you ain`ta gonna do nothin.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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