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teapots/glaze/wooble wheel.

updated mon 1 apr 02


mel jacobson on sun 31 mar 02

yes, always.
one wash of plain rhodes.
fill it with a dipper...hold your finger over the spout.
swish. pour out the spout. i always wax the gallery and add
some silica. same with cover.

i was in madras, india. went to see a potter throw pots.
he charge me 5 rupees to watch him.

he put a large ox cart wheel over a stone. had some sort
of animal fat on the stone. it had a piece
of plywood nailed to the hub. it spun pretty well.
he straddled over the spinning ox wheel and threw down
a lump of clay.
pulled up a perfect pot.
of course the wheel was all a wobble, but, he moved
his body in rhythm with the wobble.
man, now that was a pot.
and, a potter. he sure was not concerned that is was level, wobbling,
up and down....or sideways.
he concentrated on the clay. and, he had made thousands of water
bottles on that ox cart wheel.
you just ignore everything else, except the task.
then, i gave him 5 more rupees and he made another one...just
like the first one.

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