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updated thu 4 apr 02


O'Brien Tyrrell on mon 1 apr 02

My daughter is taking a beginning pottery class in college and has to =
make a choice on a text to buy. I have a lot of books in the studio, =
and am not really familiar with these two.
Working With Clay: An Introduction by Susan Peterson
Craft and Art of Clay by Susan Peterson. The former is listed as =
required the latter as "optional" but geared toward those taking a =
second class. Would one be preferred over the other or are they totally =
different from one another. I would probably be buying the book for her =
and then keeping it in the studio for referrence when she is done with =
it. Any thoughts?

Just got back from a week in Eastern Tennessee and Western North =
Carolina...visited some great shops and galleries...gets me recharged =
each time I make that trip. Could spend a LOT of time just staring out =
the window at the mountains.
O'Brien Tyrrell =20

Sharon Pemberton on tue 2 apr 02

I would say to get, Working With Clay: An Introduction. You really can't go
wrong there.....and then I would get any of her other books you can. She did
a huge NEA Grant 3 or four years ago that traveled from Washington to Phoenix
to the Heard and I am not sure where in between. She is a true wise woman on

Sharon who lived in Phoenix which is Susan's home state and got to see her in
action several times.

Michele Williams on wed 3 apr 02

I have The Craft and Art of Clay and I love it. It is definitely worth the
money, optional or not.

Look at it this way. If YOU buy it and it is available to your daughter as
a reference for her course, you both benefit. If SHE buys it and falls in
love with ceramics, it will go with her and you'll have to buy another one.
If she doesn't like ceramics enough to continue with it, she'll give the
book to you. You really can't lose, can you?

Michele Williams