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starting a studio in san francisco

updated sat 30 mar 02


David Bontempo on fri 29 mar 02

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in starting my own studio in SF, and am interested in
finding some partners. I know there are several community studios in SF
already, but they all have long waiting lists. I'd like to start working
again soon. Not looking to start a community space, just two to four
people sharing a space, a kiln (electric) and ideas.=20

I have several years of ceramics experience, but am new to setting up a
studio and am looking forward to the challenge, and to sharing the
challenge with someone of any level who is serious about it. I'm farily
easy going, but I do like to have a clean studio, and hope you would be
the same. Also would prefer non-smokers.

Alternatively, if someone has a space in SF, and would like a roommate,
that would be cool as well. I'd be keeping my day job, so I would be
working mostly evenings and weekends.

Interested, drop me a line.