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pottermama needs a vacation teacher

updated mon 1 apr 02


Nikki Simmons on sun 31 mar 02

Hi Clayart,

This post goes right along the lines of supportive families. My mom comes
over once a week so I can make pottery. Now she has offered me the
ULTIMATE!!! My parents are taking my brother, my husband, myself and my
three year old daughter on a "do what you want to do" vacation. The idea is
this, some days we do things as a family, some days we do our own thing.
But every evening we hang out and eat. My mom suggested that I find someone
to take some pottery classes from. So "ask and ye shall receive". We could
use some help finding the instructor and location, I am sure Clayart will
have some great suggestions. :-)

Here is what my family is looking for:
We would like to drive to our destination in one day. We are in central
Missouri-2.5 hours from St. Louis. We are trying to avoid hot weather. We
all enjoy anything historical (civil war, house tours, etc) museums-art,
natural history, anything geared toward kids. My dad and I also teach ropes
courses, we would love to visit yours. We would like to rent a condo/cabin
with a nice kitchen. It would be nice if there was a organic/whole foods
store so I don't have to bring my own greens.

-Mom is an antique dealer (Early American Country-original surface paint)
She wants to go on a round trip buying trip everyday. So this limits us
geographically to the Midwest and east.

-Dad is taking his Goldwing motorcycle. Knowing him, he will not actually
ride it but will stay at the cabin and read.

-Brother is taking his Ducati motorcycle-he would like somewhere to race.
He might also want to go diving or rock climbing.

-Husband mainly wants to decompress and watch TV. But is hoping to have
energy for the museums.

-Three year old is going to want to do what Mama is doing. :-) I think the
zoo is at the top of her list.

-ME--I am looking for someone to work with me, one on one, on wheel
throwing/trimming/handles. I will have 5, maybe 6 six days to work with.
We were thinking that I would have 2-3 hours per day available, depending on
how far away our accommodations are. The time of day still needs to be
figured out. I am not concerned with firing anything I make. I had thought
about taking Dannon's throwing class at Appalachian Center for Crafts, but
it is too time intensive for what my family is looking for.

About me, I learned the basics from a self-taught potter but I feel like I
really need help getting over the beginner hump. Since the birth of my
daughter I have not been able to devote the time necessary to throwing
practice. I am hoping this experience will help me get back in the groove.
We are plan to finish the studio/workspace this summer. So that this fall I
am hoping I will have some work ready for my Mom's Christmas Open House at
the antique shop. This tax discussion has only reminded me that I need to
at least be TRYING to show a profit.

I would like to hear if anyone is interested in taking me on as a student. I
also would like to hear any recommendations. If I can't find an instructor
then I am going to start getting addresses of Clayarters that I can visit.

Nikki Simmons